How we can stop low pay?

Tuesday 2 April, 7.00pm

Hackney CVS,
24-30 Dalston Lane,
E8 3AZ (two minutes from Dalston Junction)


Amy Murphy, president of the shopworkers USDAW unionOfficers from the Unison, Unite and GMB unions invited


Hackney is the 11th poorest borough in the country, and no wonder. A great many of the people who live here work in poorly paid sectors of the economy, such as care services and retail.

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Up and coming events

BECTU Ritzy Cinema

Saturday 7 June, strike action

BECTU’s Executive Committee has called for a boycott of Picturehouse Cinemas

  • in our Region: Brighton x 2; Bury St Edmunds; Cambridge; Henley-on-Thames; London x 5; Norwich; Oxford; Southampton
  • we will be liaising with BECTU on this but in the meantime please alert your members about the boycott


FBU national

  • Thursday 12 June, strike action from 9am for 24 hours
  • Saturday 21 June from 10am to 5pm
  • 12-22 June – no voluntary overtime


Unite and GMB at EDF

  • Unions are meeting ACAS, but industrial action dates set if no progress
  • 16 June – indefinite work to rule
  • 16 June – one day strike by Unite
  • Two weeks of selective strike action


Lookahead protest Thursday 12th June Hackney Town Hall‏


Look Ahead Attack their Workers Terms and Conditions Again!

Unite the union’s members in these vital mental health services who are already on low pay, received an average pay cut of 15% less than two years ago, and are now being asked to take a further 14% cut to their pay! Skilled posts are proposed to be deleted in a service which is already stretched to the limit. Their employer, Look Ahead Care and Support, is notorious for taking on services and slashing staff terms and conditions and quality for the clients they are contracted to support, whilst raking in public money for lavish executive pay rises.

The most recently available accounts of Look Ahead show 12% growth, reserves of £61 million and a £60 K pay rise for their highest paid executive. Hackney Council’s money must be spent on ensuring decent, safe and properly staffed residential care for vulnerable members of our community, not running down services to satisfy corporate greed. Come down to the rally and show your support! On Thursday, June 12th at 3pm, Hackney Town Hall

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact:
Unite the Union Organiser Matthew Dore-Weeks on 07900160871 or senior shop steward Dominic Rollin on 0779552332.



Teachers Strike

As you may know the NUT is taking national strike action on 26th March. We are fighting in defence of our pay, pension and conditions of service, in the context of a concerted attack by the coalition government and Michael Gove on the education service in this country. Gove’s wants to hand over our schools to the private sector, while rationing education more and more through his education ‘reforms’.

We see out fight as part of the larger fight to defend jobs and services against a government that is only interested in looking after the rich and greedy. Please support us, and join our picket lines:

There will be pickets from 7.30 onwards at:
B6, Lea Bridge roundabout
Clapton Academy
Stoke Newington School
And elsewhere

Members from Urswick school will be leafleting around the town hall

HCA Strike

Please note our Unite LE1111 members in HCA will be striking for 3 days as of tomorrow over pay. We co-ordinated it with NUT strike action.

We’d welcome visits and support on picket lines in London & Manchester.

Full details of dispute –

Picket line info –

Hackney Says Stand Up to Racism & Fascism





A day of action against racism has been called for across Europe to coincide with the marking of UN Anti-Racism Day in 2014, with eyes on the European elections in May.

Already in most European countries parties of the right, centre and even traditional left are allowing the terrain of these elections to be dominated by racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and the scapegoating of minorities – Muslims, immigrants, Roma, Black, Asian, Turkish and Kurdish communities.

Across Europe the fascist and populist racist right are on the rise. From the violent Golden Dawn in Greece, the anti-Roma Jobbik in Hungary, the Islamophobic Freedom Party of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands to the success of the Front Nationale in France, these currents are encouraging hatred, fear and prejudice in a frightening wave across the continent.

In Britain the far right is hoping for gains in the Euro elections. The British National Party (BNP) in seeking the re-election of Nick Griffin in the North West and Andrew Brons is seeking re-election in Yorkshire and the Humber. The Tories and UKIP look set to try to outdo each other in their calls for draconian ‘anti-immigration’ policies and promoting a ‘Little Englander’ anti-foreign, anti-Europe mentality.

The ‘go-home’ vans sent out by the Home Office over the summer are a sign of things to come. Hostility is already being stirred up towards Bulgarian and Romanian migrant workers who will be able to work here from January.

Such campaigns simply whip up racism in general and induce a ‘blame game’ for falling living standards and squeezed incomes that falls on visible minorities in stepped up discrimination, institutional racism, abuse and violence.

This all encourages currents such as the English Defence League, which turn their Islamophobic prejudices into real attempts to terrorise the Muslim population – attacking Mosques, assaulting veiled women, insulting religious sensitivities with vile slogans and throwing pigs’ heads, and organising intimidating marches into Muslim communities. Fascists continue to attack the Jewish community and deny the Holocaust.

Following the rising violence of Golden Dawn and the murder of anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas, (also known as Killah P), the Greek anti-fascist and anti-racist movement has proposed that next year’s UN Day Against Race Discrimination on March 21/22 should be the focus for actions against racism and fascism across Europe.
While there is a real threat that openly racist parties may win the 2014 Euro-elections in some countries, this can be prevented by the widest possible unity against them and the mobilisation of the broadest progressive forces.

Unite Against Fascism has therefore initiated this call for a demonstration and rally to Stand Up to Racism in London on Saturday 22nd March. We endorse this proposal and call on all those of goodwill to join us in a riposte to the rise of racism, to show that migrants are welcome and to demonstrate our confidence in a future free of scapegoating and hatred.


Letter in the Hackney Gazette 13 March 2014


Diane Abbott, MP, Meg Hillier, MP, Jean Lambert, MEP, Mayor Jules Pipe, Deputy mayor Sophie Linden, Cllr Luke Akehurst, Cllr Dawood Akhoon, Cllr Susan Fajana-Thomas, Cllr Michael Jones, Cllr Christopher Kennedy, Cllr Rita Krishna, Cllr Clayeon McKenzie, Cllr Jonathan McShane, Cllr Rick Muir, Cllr Ann Munn, Cllr Deniz Oguzkanli, Cllr Emma Plouviez, Cllr Ian Rathbone, Cllr Geoff Taylor, Cllr Patrick Vernon, Owen Jones, author, Kevin Courtney, deputy general secretary NUT, Fr Rob Wickham, Rector of Hackney, Revd Betsy Blatchley, St Luke’s, Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Revd Graham Hunter, St John’s, Revd Elizabeth Welch, Minister Clapton Park UCR, Dr Paul Turp, parish priest, Shoreditch Church

For more information and to see the full list of signatories, visit